Moira Holohan & Xavi Comas
Miami, Florida
Visual and Arts Residency @ the Annex studio

June 1 - June 15, 2019

Moira Holohan is a multi-disciplinary artist in Miami. Holohan merges two sets of temporal art practices to juxtapose two contrasting approaches: a slow or meditative, and a fast or urgent. The laborious process of weaving and hand marked flip book animations are paired with the immediacy of performance and video montage and editing. Utilizing the video editing tool of chroma key compositing, Holohan explores the process as both a signifier and a instrument while contemplating questions of meaning, purpose and value.

Moira Holohan and geophysicist Dr. Xavier Comas will collaborate this summer in a project to fuse art and science in a unique way. Holohan will take geophysical profiles collected with a ground-penetrating radar (GPR) instrument by Dr.Comas as inspiration to generate hand woven models that reassemble these subsurface images. Profiles collected in real-time will also be used to generate a video work that incorporates chroma-key compositing. This video process will be used as a way to accelerate time and link it to landscape and subsurface evolution processes.

Moira Holohan received her BA at Bard College, NY and her MFA at Hunter College, NY. Select exhibitions include: New York: Regina Rex, Steuben Gallery(Pratt Institute) and AC Institute and Miami: Fringe Projects, Miami-Dade College Museum of Art + Design, Perez Art Museum Miami, Frost Art Museum, Emerson Dorsch Gallery, David Castillo Gallery, MoCA North Miami, de la Cruz Collection, Deering Estate, Dimensions Variable and General Practice. During the month of July(2019), Moira Holohan will participate in a residency at Annex Arts in Castine, ME.