Artist-in-Residence JUNE 20-JULY 6

Augusta Sparks of Walla Walla, Washington will hold open studio on July 3 & 4. Augusta will host an open community Black and White Workshop on Friday, June 29, 10-12:00. A closing reception for her work at the residency will occur on Friday, July 6, 5-7pm

Artist-in-Residence JULY 5-JULY 15

Postings From Home - Multi-media performance and film screenings Monday, July 9, 6-7:30

Kelly O’Brien is an independent filmmaker and mother of three who lives in Toronto. Kelly will join us on July 5-15 and will present her Facebook performance and screen her short films at Emerson Hall.


 Hannah Bureau

Hannah Bureau

Annex Fellow /Artist-in-Residence, July 9- July 23

Hannah Bureau (a perennial gallery b. artist who hails from Lincoln, Massachusetts by way of Cambridge and originally Paris, France) will be in residence from July 09 - July 25. Stay tuned for Open Studio Days and our Drop-In and Draw program for kids. 


Duke and Battersby
August 1-Aug 15

Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby from Syracuse, NY will be working while in town. Their exhibition will be in the Annex. Look for more info coming soon.

 Duke and Battersby

Duke and Battersby